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This is Tim, , one of the best friends but most begrudging travelers you have ever met.  

Recently, when my wife and I were about to cruise off to Southern Mexico, we thought about how funny it would have been if Tim had come with us.  See, Tim is horrified at the thought of leaving the continental United States or, quite frankly, of going anywhere that you can’t get a fast food hamburger and onion rings, be it in the States or beyond.  Picking on him about this sort of thing is well…..FUN!  (I said Tim was a good friend, I never said anything about us) 

Having a ton of time to kill in our hotel room prior to boarding the ship, slightly jet lagged, wielding a complimentary scratch pad and Bic pen,  and being inspired by the Flat Stanley Project that we had recently heard of, Flat Tim was born.
Here is Flat Tim's photographic debut.

Being the antithesis of 3-Dimensional Tim, Flat Tim is an adventurous man of the world type.  You know, like James Bond if he were made of paper.  Our theory was that we would photograph Flat Tim in these new and fun places and then 3-Dimensional Tim could live vicariously though his alter ego's exploits (or at least his wife & friends would get a good laugh from the whole gambit).  And so the seed was planted and nurtured and has grown into what you see here.

Being generous and sharing type folk, far be it for the two of us to keep this a private joke amongst friends and deny the rest of the world the opportunity to hang with Flat Tim!  We want you to have your very own downloadable/printable version of Flat Tim and hope that you'll invite him along on your next cool outing and snap a photo of him in some fun place that 3-Dimensional Tim would never go to himself!!

Enjoy and thanks for getting the joke.

J and M


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